The Cut is the new kid on the block. Not the late 80’s/early 90’s boy band, but the next era in ultra-marathon running. Sure, we could have a race where everyone signs up, guaranteed of a particular distance, knowing exactly how many kilometers they are entered for. We could do that. Or we could bring you The Cut.

- The BASICS -

Who can run?

Anyone with a heartbeat and a pair of running shoes (or party shoes - read on). The minimum distance is 9km and the maximum distance is 75km. As long as you can run 1.5km in 15minutes you'll be fine. If you can't? You'll get Cut.

How does it work?

The event takes place over a 1.5km loop course. The race stops at the end of every lap and we wait for everyone to cross the finish line. Once everyone is across the finish, we make any Cuts, wait 20 seconds, line up again, and restart the race.

So - what's the Cut?

It's got nothing to do with scissors and everything to do with stopping running and starting partying! Once you're Cut, your day of running is finished - you collect your finisher's prize and a free drink from our mates at Newstead Brewing Co. and then kick back and enjoy the day. Full details are in the Rules of Engagement.

How do runners get Cut?

No one will get Cut until the end of the 6th lap (9km). Depending on how many runners enter the event, we will then Cut the last few runners across the line at the end of each subsequent lap, decreasing the number of runners who start the next lap. This will continue until we have a few lucky(?) runners fighting it out on lap 50!

The Cut will be managed with the help of some cyclists who will be visible on course and who will sit behind the last non-Cut runner...fall behind the bike and you're in line for the Cut! Runners can also voluntarily withdraw at the end of any lap - effectively Cutting yourself!

How do we know how many people will be Cut each lap?

We'll publish a Cut Schedule prior to event day once registrations are finalised. You'll also be told at the beginning of each lap how many runners will be getting Cut.

What happens when nature calls?

There will be 20 minute refreshment breaks at the end of each set of 10 laps (at 15km, 30km, 45km and 60km). This is your window to visit the toilet, restock on hydration or fuels and get ready to go again. Alternatively, you can run really fast on a given lap, and try and get your business done before we make our Cuts...up to you!

Who wins?

The ultimate winner will be the runner first across the finish line at the end of lap 50 (with 75km in their legs)!

What about teams?

There will be a prize for the winning team/club/group. The more people in your group, the better chance you'll have - the winning team will be the team with the most amount of laps completed between the entire group.

And if I win a lap?

We'll give you a clap as you cross the finish line. But, if you win multiple laps, like heaps and heaps of laps, and end up winning the most individual laps, you'll also be taking home a special prize...even if you get Cut before the end of the day.