The Cut Ultra Marathon will be run as individuals. There will be a group/club/team points score as part of the event (the more people in your group, the more points your group accumulates), but the run itself will be as individual runners - much like any traditional race, with a single winner. But this will not be a traditional race.

The Cut Ultra Marathon will be suitable for all running abilities. All participants will run at least 5km. If you want to win, you will need to be able to run up to 75km. What distance should you train for? Well, we'd suggest somewhere in that range..

The Cut Ultra Marathon will involve laps - lots of laps. And laps means a party precinct, right? Right. We'll be encouraging participants to bring along their friends, families, club mates, and anyone else who likes a good time. Cause we still want you to have fun - even if we do cut you.

Except for our winner, every runner will get cut from The Cut Ultra Marathon. It'll be kinda like the minority becoming the majority vibe if you catch our drift.  Where you get cut is up to you and will determine what unique finishers prize you get, what 'cool club' you are a part of, what nickname we'll give you...know what we mean? Probably not, but we’ll spell it out for you later.

The Cut Ultra Marathon will be a full-day party. It's going to be a long day of running for some, a long day of cheering for others, and a long day of fun for everyone. Fun you say? Or did we say? Either way, we're talking food, music, picnics, drinks, dancing, maybe even a short arvo siesta? Whether you plan on only running 10km, or you reckon you’re hitting the ultra and beyond, block out the full day for this one - and block out the day for your family and friends too, ‘cause this event is as much about the party as it is the run!