The Details

SATURDAY 2 june, 2018

"I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started" ~ Pink


8 Hope St
QLD 4221

(See map at bottom of page)


Online entries close at 8pm, Wednesday 30 May.

On-the-day entries are available - $80: 5:45am - 6:05am (sharp).


Race numbers will be available for collection on race day only: 5:45am - 6:15am (sharp).


Please refer to the Conditions of Entry.


Minimum age 8 on the day of the event.

Runners under 13 years of age will have a mandatory Cut at 15km (i.e. all runners under the age of 13 who have not been Cut earlier, will be Cut at the end of lap 10 regardless of finishing position on that lap.)

Race Briefing






The following event times are approximate only:

8:00 AM // First cut (end lap 6)

** 9:00-9:20 AM // First Intermission (end lap 10)

9:20 AM // Laps 10-20 (15-30km) start

** 11:20-11:40 AM // Second intermission (end lap 20)

11:40 AM // Laps 20-30 (30-45km) start

** 1:40-2:00 PM // Third intermission (end lap 30)

2:00 PM // Laps 30-40 (45-60km) start

** 3:40 - 4:00 PM // Fourth intermission (end lap 40)

4:00 PM // Laps 40-50 (60-75km) start

** 5:40 PM // Race finish

5:40-7:00 PM // Post-race "socialising"

Food & Drinks


Newstead Brewing Co.

10am - 6pm

The Artful Barista

From 5:30am

Whips & Co.      

6:30am - 10:30am

The Wiener Haus

11:30am - 2pm

Participant Specifics

participant specifics

Race Rules

Please refer to the Race Rules section of the website.

Participant Hydration

Tailwind Nutrition and plan water will both be available within the precinct for participants.

There WILL NOT be disposable cups at the event - participants must bring their own reusable cups.


Runners are encouraged to bring friends/family/running team etc and setup their own zone within the event precinct. Runners are allowed to bring a 3x3 gazebo and/or picnic rugs to stake an area for their own; you can use this area to refuel or restock supplies between laps (if you're quick!) or within intermission periods.

First Aid

There will be a dedicated first aid officer at the event precinct for the duration of The Cut.

Compulsory Gear

There are no mandatory gear requirements for The Cut, however it is strongly recommended that any participant who expects to survive into laps 40 and beyond (60km+) has a good quality head-torch available with their gear.

The event start/finish area will be partially lit with halogen lights, however the running track will remain unlit after dark (sunset 4:58pm; last light 5:23pm).


The first 200 entrants will each receive a finisher's gift upon being cut from the event. There will be a list of entrants at the finish line, and prize priority will be based on order of entry (not finishing order).


Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

  • Overall winner - first runner across the finish line on the final lap.
  • Most laps completed (team) - awarded to the team with the most cumulative laps completed. Note that the lap on which a runner is cut is counted towards the team total.
    Eg: Team SuperFriends has members Ralph, Lisa and Martin . Ralph completes 12 laps (and is cut at the end of lap 12), Lisa completes 16 laps (and is then cut), and Martin completes 40 laps (and is then cut). The team cumulative lap total is 68. It does not matter how many laps the team wins.
  • Most laps won (individual) - awarded to the runner who wins the most laps.
    Eg: Jane Doe runs 47 laps before being cut, and of those 47 laps she wins 17. Jack Spratt runs 19 laps before being cut, but wins 18 of the 19 laps he runs. Jack would be the winner of this category.
  • Most laps won (team) - awarded to the team with the most cumulative laps won.
    Eg: Team Discovery Channel has members Joe, Jane & Janet. Jane wins 13 laps, Joe wins 3 laps, and Janet wins 0 - the team has won a total of 16 laps. It does not matter how many laps the team completes.

There will not be a formal presentation ceremony at the event - winner's will be notified post-event via social media and email.

There will be additional spot prizes given out on the day thanks to our mates at Wild Earth.


non-running activities

In addition to The Cut being run, there will be plenty of other stuff going across the day:

  • DJ and live music;
  • Coffee & food vans
  • Newstead Brewing Co. bar
  • Casual games with Wild Earth (think volleyball, cricket etc)

Runners and spectators are encouraged to bring a 3x3 gazebo, picnic rugs, board games, grazing platters - whatever - and make a day out of watching the race and enjoying the fun at The Cut.